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 What Diamond Thinks

Diamond's page to speak up about what's on his mind! 

Where's My Person?

She wasn't around for a long time...! Nice people have been visting, though.


Shee's back!

What's yous gots on your face, huh?

"Ahhh, that's the spot..."

  "To the left! Left! Ahh, that's the spot!"

Equine Massage by Kelly Flowers of Equi-Ther,
Howdy from the Kentucky Horse Park!
Humm, what are they up to now?
Date: A mild summer afternoon

The humans did something different today. I wasn't sure at first, but yep, it turned out the humans wanted me to run, play and hang out with them! (Large).JPG

A Nice Day in July
Flowers, for me?! How Yummy! ...Gimme!!!!!

At Regionals, my person bought flowers to my stall, but she said they for the 3 people who really helped us out and made it all happen.

I, however, am quite sure they are for me! After all:

  • They are in my stall
  • They are in Jen's hands
  • They are wrapped in crinkly plastic, like all other tasty treats
  • They smell good

I tried and tried, but did not get those flowers.

Perhaps she realized I was right... I did deserve a reward. When we returned home, "Flowers" was part of that reward: a good horsey massage, from Kelly Flowers of Equi-Ther!

The flowers are Red, White, and Blue for the 4th of July.

What Diamond Thinks of the 3PE (Three Phase Event) 092.jpg

"Hum, interesting place..."

"What Obstacle? I see food!"

"I don't mind crossing creeks, but this obstacle creeps me out!"